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23 11 2011

Wow…over a year since the last post. Sorry about that!

So, let’s see. What’s been going on in my life since then? Gains, losses, and changes. Norman passed away in October of 2010 at the age of at least 19. The hubby and I were devastated as his passing. We shouldn’t have worried, though…Norman had things well in paw, as it were. A week after his passing, we went to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society on Halloween and made the acquaintance of a 4-month old kitten that came to live with us that day. He’s mostly Siamese (of the snowshoe variety), if not purebred, and his name is Merlin. We chose him because the husband wanted a cat that would be close to both of us, and not just me, since to Norman, I was his especial human. Now, a year after the fact, said husband says “be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it.” Merlin runs to meet him at the door each day, demanding to be picked up. The little guy is an absolute joy, and exactly what we needed.

In January of this year, we lost Toby, our retired racing greyhound, to osteosarcoma of the hips. He wanted very badly to stay, but his pain was too great. He was a really, really good dog, and we miss him terribly. We have not yet added another grey to our household – in body, anyway. In August, I noticed a young greyhound just starting his racing career at the Southland race course. I noticed with a shock that this dog’s name was ‘PTL Muttly.’ Among our many “pet” names for Toby were Tober, Gooberdog…and Muttley. So, after some discussion, we spoke to young Muttly’s trainer, and now, when his racing career is over, PTL Muttly will join our family. Waiting for him can be difficult sometimes – but I just know it’s going to be worth it in the end.

On the WoW front…I’m with a different raid now, and enjoying it. The position may only be temporary, but I’m determined to do the absolute best I can for as long as it lasts. I do rather hope it becomes permanent, but that’s yet to be seen. In reference to the newly-announced expansion…I’m kind of excited for it. The Pandaren models look wonderful (at least, the males do. We’ve yet to see the females), and the setting looks beautiful. I just might roll a panda or two, and you can bet one of ’em will be a hunter, of course.

And as to my health. Well. I’m still in good control of the diabetes, and my doc is pleased with my A1Cs, though he says if I tighten up on my blood sugar control even more, the numbers will improve even more. I’ve been having to deal with various joint issues for months, if not years, and after a recent trip to Disney World, my orthopedist referred me to a rheumatologist, saying I apparently had some sort of arthritis and needed an expert in the field. Said rheumatologist confirmed it – osteoarthritis. He also diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, which was an interesting experience. He prodded me, gently but firmly, in an apparently random spot, and the pain sent me jolting off the exam table. Turns out that “random spot” was one of the marker tender points. So there’s that, which has me starting to take some new medications to try and get it under some sort of control to bring down the pain from the OA as well.

Week before last, I nearly fell going out the door to go to work. When the pain in my knee increased from “extremely annoying” to “agonizing,” I knew I needed to go see my orthopedist, who said I’d injured the knee. Yesterday, I underwent surgery to scope out that troublesome right knee and clean it up a bit. So now I have a splint on my right leg that goes from thigh to ankle, and will keep it on for at least a week, if not longer. It’s starting to itch under there, so I’m scratching the outside of the splint to try and somehow relieve the itching. On the up side, the knee pain I had been dealing with is no longer an issue, which means I just have to heal now. And I have happy drugs to deal with post-surgical discomfort.

So…there’s the update. Let’s hope I remember to update more in future, hrm?




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5 05 2014
Bill South

PTL Muttley is now available through the Mobile Greyhound Track Adoptions in Mobile Alabama.

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