Better Late Than Never

4 10 2010

This post is probably a good bit behind those of my fellow raiders…after all, the Big Event happened two weeks ago now.  But finally, those two weeks ago, I was able to do what I had wanted to do since my hunter was brought in to raid with the Anvil 25 – I became a Kingslayer as a Beast Master, with Clayburn the Devilsaur chewing on his undead butt the last ten percent just like the rest of us.  Then, this Saturday past, the 10-man Tahlian raids with downed the Lich King for their second time, granting Tahlian the rather odd distinction of being a beast master and dual Kingslayer.

It’s a strange thing, really.  And I’ve been hesitant to write about it, which is why this post didn’t go up the morning after we killed him on 25.  Am I proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish?  Indubitably.  Am I glad to have done it alongside the rest of the Anvil raid?  Of course.  There’s no other group I’d be happier to raid with at that level.  But…there’s that poisonous little word, “but.”

As a raiding BM hunter, I tend to find myself in a rather precarious position.  BM is the bottom-of-the-barrel hunter spec, and has been throughout the bulk of Lich King, if not throughout the majority of the history of World of Warcraft.  But I’ve stuck with it, done research, run spreadsheets, crawled forums to squeeze every last drop of DPS out of the spec that Blizzard gave those of us who like the concept of the Hunter as a hunter-pet team.  And I’d like to think I do reasonably well with it, considering what I’ve got to work with.  Unfortunately, my particular screwy mindset and tendencies mean that it’s also far, far too easy for some min-maxing mouthbreather to rob me of my fleeting moments of pride or happiness in my accomplishments by saying something along the lines that with a 30% buff, any reasonably competent 24 individuals can carry one idiot who likes gimping his/her raid.  No, this has not been said directly to me – but if I had dared to celebrate the Anvil’s victories in certain officially-sanctioned areas, I have no doubt it would be.

I hold scant hope that the Blizzard developers and designers will keep their word about hunter specs come Cataclysm, that all three will be close enough in damage that which you bring to raid won’t really matter.  I’m trying to trust them, but seeing the beta changes that have been coming recently, it’s been sort of difficult for me to keep the faith.  I suppose we’ll have to see what they give us come release of the 4.0 patch and expansion.

But for now…I’m a dual Kingslayer.  Tahlian the Kingslayer.  See that big brown lizard to my left?  Yeah, the devilsaur.  He’s a Kingslayer, too.  So you better not mess with him.  Clayburn the Kingslayer.  Take that, naysayers.  Take that.




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