Nap Attack for the Cure

2 09 2010

We’re stepping away from the world of Azeroth for the moment, and checking in with that even scarier place called Real Life.

I’m sure lots of you remember this infamous early Garfield comic strip:

It was funny then, and has passed the term “nap attack” on, at least in my household, as meaning “a random nap you didn’t originally intend to take, but were maneuvered into taking by Norman.”  Now Purina Cat Chow and the Susan G. Komen foundation have teamed up, and you can nap with your cat to have money donated to breast cancer research.  Check out Cat Chow’s Facebook page to get details on how to get involved.  Since my Granny is a breast cancer survivor, Norman and I will be participating in this event.  Sweet dreams, all you readers (and your cats!)




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