Back to Real Life

1 06 2010

Tahlian sighed contentedly and curled himself around the dark-haired elf beside him in the bed.  It was late morning, he knew that…how late exactly he wasn’t sure, as apparently his alarm clock had been discarded somewhere in the living room at some point over the weekend.

The two or three quiet days had been rejuvenating for the both of them, he knew.  He and Jazalin had looked at each other, seen the pale skin and drawn faces in the mirror, and had agreed to forget about the outside world (mostly) and just…relax.  He’d cooked when they were hungry, or had sent down to the Legerdemain’s kitchen for something quick.  Otherwise, they’d slept, made love, puttered around the apartment as the mood suited them.  He’d picked up his guitar again for several hours; Jaz had read through a few chapters in one of her books as he’d quietly played.  However brief their respite from responsibility had been, it had definitely been pleasant.

Kat asked me if this was a rebound kind of thing, and I told her I didn’t know.  To be honest, I still don’t.  But whatever it is, I like it a lot. Part of it, he had to admit, was Jazalin herself.  He’d been attracted to the rogue when he first met her, but since circumstances had flung them together and he’d gotten to know her better, he’d become increasingly fond of the rogue.  He didn’t know if he’d ever dare to call it “love” – bad things happened when that word came out of his mouth, it seemed.  But if it was love or if it wasn’t, the Farstrider was grateful for the chance he’d gotten to become the woman’s friend either way.


The Farstrider cracked one eye open to find Jazalin tracing her fingers over his ribs, raising gooseflesh in their wake.  “Hmm?”  He attempted to wrap an arm around the rogue’s waist and pull her back onto the sheets beside him, but she scooted back out of grabbing range.

“You need to get up.  It’s past ten, you know.”

Tahlian sucked in a hissing breath as the rogue’s fingernails traced over his skin again.  “I thought we were on vacation,” he said, blinking blearily at Jazalin.

“We were…but we have somewhere to be today, and since we both need to clean up, someone’s got to go first.”

“Somewhere to be?”  The Farstrider’s sleep-fogged mind struggled to remember where he’d said he’d be today.  Frowning, he shook his head and began to burrow back into the pillows and blankets, stopping with a yip as Jazalin began poking him in the ribs.

“Tea.  Do you remember now?  We’re supposed to have tea with the Archmage and Bracelet.”  Jaz couldn’t quite contain a smile as her repeated pokes made her lover begin to wriggle away, the sheets riding tantalizingly lower down his body.  “Now come on…get up.”

A few more increasingly pointed pokes, and Tahlian gave up on the idea of sleep.  From under the shelter of his arm, green eyes glowed reproachfully as he pouted at the grinning Sin’dorei girl.  “Rogue.”

“Brat.  Now get out of there and go clean up…or I’ll see if Cinders wants to come help encourage you.”

“Mrh…anything but that.”  The lanky Farstrider levered himself to a sitting position, scrubbing a hand through his hair and casting it even farther into tousled disarray.  After a moment, he leaned forward and pressed a leisurely kiss to Jazalin’s lips.  As he attempted to follow the first kiss up with a second one, he murmured, “If you were already up, why didn’t you go ahead and get cleaned up yourself, hrm?”

“Because then I would have been busy dressing and wouldn’t get to watch you walk across the room when you go to bathe.”  The rogue smiled and gently shoved the Farstrider back a bit.  “So get to parading that body across the room towards that shower.”

With an amused snort, Tahlian crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom.  As the door swung closed behind him, Jazalin stretched out and buried her face in his pillow as she heard the water begin to run.




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