A Very Good Night in Hunter-Land

30 04 2010

…which may or may not be anything at all like Pepperland, depending on whether or not I’ve had “Yellow Submarine” in the DVD player.  Last night was a good night in Hunter-Land because I was finally able to get my grubby little paws on one of the best trinkets I could possibly get said grubby paws on… Deathbringer’s Will.  It took several weeks of patience to get it, and passing on other upgrades that are a little less finicky about dropping in order to be atop the Suicide Kings list, and lots of Plump Turkeys sacrificed to the loot gods over an open fire…but I finally got it.  I am a happy happy hunter.  Now to figure out what’s best to do about my other trinket slot, and I’ll be in pretty damned good shape, if I do say so myself,




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