Those Damned Shiny Beach Balls

23 04 2010

Well…things are progressing apace here, I guess.  We’ve been fighting with our cable intarwebz for the last few weeks…apparently it is very prone to drop signal without warning, despite absolutely gorgeous Alabama weather.  But that little matter has settled down enough that I’ve felt comfortable going back into raiding the last two weeks.  Which has brought me nose to nose with a fight that I’m actually having to take a good long look at ways to improve on – the Blood Prince Council, otherwise known as “Team Edward,” “the Boy Band,” or “the Sparklepires.”

I think the biggest thing for me as a hunter is going to be learning to better divide my attention between shooting at the vampires and monitoring the shiny beach balls.  One of my jobs on this fight is to wait and watch for the shiny beach balls to appear, and when one does, sic Clayburn the devilsaur on it so that he can play with it and keep it from touching the floor.  When he’s done with that one, I find another beach ball that doesn’t have a minder and lather, rinse, repeat.

Now I’ve only seen this fight three times total.  And it may be that multitasking of that level (keeping an eye on beach balls, popping a shot off at one to keep it from dropping, sending Clayburn after another, then glancing around trying to find which vampire I’m supposed to be firing at) is just not something I’m going to excel at.  But as it stands, I feel like there’s more I could be doing to improve my performance on the Sparklepires.  I’m hoping that as I become more familiar with the fight, there will be more I think I can do and can try to do.  But as usual, for now…I am not satisfied with how I’m doing.  But at least we’re getting to go all Van Helsing on said Sparklepires and taking their lunch money by the end of the fight.  So I guess that’s something.




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