The New Elf on the Block and a Choice to be Made

3 03 2010

Well, I mentioned before that I had transferred two of my oldest characters from the Alliance to the Horde.  Oddly enough, one of those two has now become my raiding main.

Meet Tahlian Sunchaser, Farstrider and Beast Master.

The cat to his right is Daishar.  She’s been with him through more things than I care to remember, and she’ll be with him through many more, as I don’t see myself getting rid of her.  She’s Tahl’s best friend – and very beautiful in her own right, I think.  I never expected to be taking a Beast Mastery hunter into an Icecrown 25 raid, I really didn’t.   But the Anvil was rather lacking in ranged deepery, and I had been taking Tahlian to a Saturday Trial of the Crusader 10-man and doing well, so I was asked to swap to Tahlian from Dandill.  And wow.  I’ve been surprising myself a lot since I started bringing the little Farstrider and his devilsaur to Icecrown.  Feeling truly satisfied with your contribution to the night’s raid is a relatively new thing for me.  Well, maybe “truly satisfied” isn’t quite the right phrasing.  I will always be looking for ways to improve my DPS within my spec.  I research, I toy with gear, spec, and gem setups on spreadsheets, and I chase down all the forum and blog posts I can.  That’s part of the price I pay for bucking for the “underdog” spec, I guess.  But since Tahlian went to Icecrown, I’ve been able to take pride in my work in a way I hadn’t before.  I come out of raids exhausted from the focus it requires to play Beast Mastery and play it well…but exhilarated at what I was able to accomplish in those 3 hours.

(The in-character ramifications for Dandill of having been “sent to the rear” from Icecrown are still developing, and are probably something I should explore more with him.  I’ll add that to my “to-do” list.)

So…that’s the new elf on the block.  As for the choice to be made…I have one Alliance character remaining.  My rogue, Phileas.  I haven’t played the boy anywhere near as much as he deserves, and he has suffered for it, both in RP and in the fact that for all that I’m damn good on a hunter, I have just about not the slightest clue what I’m doing on a rogue.  I’m amazed I got him to 80, really.  But that being said…the choice is this:  Might a race change or a faction swap do more to revitalize my long-neglected stabby rogue?

With Cataclysm coming up, I had been kicking around the idea of seeing if it might be possible without huge monstrous lore-bending for a non-Gilnean to contract the curse/disease/whatever-it’s-going-to-be that makes a Gilnean a worgen.  I thought Phileas becoming something “other” by accident, sure, but because of his own screwup, might be an interesting tack to take with him.

This will be a little difficult to manage because it will mean some specific things will have to happen.  First, I’d have to spend more time on him, get him back into some social circles, get RP-ing on him so that when Thing the Second happens, people would actually notice and might possibly care.  Thing the Second is, he’d have to disappear again at some point (i.e., having been captured/taken prisoner/abducted behind the Greymane Wall).  I could keep writing scenes during this part of it, to give an idea of some of what might be happening to him, but it’d be a difficult thing to dance around, given that we don’t know when race changes to the new races will actually be unlocked by Blizzard.  If I time it badly, he could be MIA for a long, long time, undoing all the good that Thing the First might have done.  Then, Thing the Third – return to the fold and adjustment to a life turned on its head by a habit of getting furry when entering combat.  That part would sort of have to be played by ear…and I’d just have to hope his guild didn’t decide ICly not to allow worgen, I guess.  Though that could be answered by talking to people before Thing the First even starts happening, while I’m doing research.

The other choice for Phileas is to simply “kill him off” so far as the Alliance is concerned and faction switch him like I did Tahlian.  Now admittedly, I spend a lot of time Hordeside, and Philly might get more attention from me Hordeside than he currently does.  But…it seems like the character himself sort of objects to this.  I like his personality, I like the dialect I created for him, and keeping that sort of thing believably intact during a faction switch can be challenging at best.  I have a bit of an idea for how to do it, but it’d be a strange adjustment to play out…and the poor character might not really ever find a home Hordeside if his “secret” ever became public knowledge.

I’m torn, really.  Both ideas could work…but I’m not sure which is the best long-term choice for me.




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