My, my my…

15 12 2009

Keilos has changed quite a lot since he was first introduced here at DT.

First he was a brash young retadin with a bad attitude and severe self-confidence issues:

Then he tried to learn how to heal…and hated it.  Shortly thereafter, he met Ysani and fell in love.  When his little redhead disappeared, he took up the sword and board and began to search for her.  The two of them were reunited, but the price for that little misadventure may not yet be fully paid…

And now, here he is…at the gates of Icecrown Citadel itself.  Training time is over, little man.  This is what you’ve worked for, this is what you wanted – to be one of the ones Fordring chose to face down the thing that destroyed the Sunwell.

And I must say – he almost looks somewhat competent in his shiny Tier 9 gear, doesn’t he?  Except for that silly shield he still has from the heroic Culling of Stratholme.

I’ve been trying to upgrade his shield for some time now.  I’ve often groused that when Icecrown hit, he would be tanking it with that damn shield…I had no idea I would actually be right about that.  It kept Marrowgar from eating his face, though.  Even if I get him an upgrade along the way…for the first pull on Arthas, I may haul the silly thing out to tank him with just for old times’ sake.  Linedan says that if I do actually wind up tanking Arthas with Kei’s current shield due to not getting an upgrade of some kind before we get to him, it should go in the Prophecy of Light’s Hall of Fame or something.  I might just agree with him.




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