The Little Man’s All Grown Up Now…

29 11 2009

…and tanking a 10-man raid.

Yesterday, little Keilos, the bratadin, stepped up and officially started his career as one of the two tanks for a fresh Trial of the Crusader 10-man raid.  Seems it was just yesterday I was trying to scramble to get him even uncrittable.  The raid went well enough, I’d like to think.  I know I still need tons more practice on Jormungar maneuvering…but I did much better on infernal-wrangling than I had the last time I’d looked at the inside of that raid from a tank’s point of view.  After we’d pwned Anub’arak, we headed off to Dustwallow Marsh to spank Onyxia.  Imagine my surprise when the awesomely-geared 25-man MT of the Anvil looks over at me and says he thinks the pally should go tank The Lady.

And we killed her.  In fine style for a first-time-out raid, I’d like to think.  An auspicious beginning, if nothing else.  Also heartening because I didn’t fall on my face and nub it up in front of said Anvil MT or the shaman raid leader, whom I particularly respect.  🙂

Many thanks to Dorri’tow for gearing guidance and Keltyr, for being such an awesome tank that I manage to pick up a flicker of his brilliance for Kei to borrow while watching him on my death knight twice a week.





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