Playlists, Round 3 – Keilos

22 09 2009

Annd we’re back.  There’s been a lot going on in life since the last update – Norman the kitty had another sojurn at the hospital, but is doing better, and two of my oldest characters have migrated from the Alliance to the Horde.  You’ll be getting introduced to those two later.

Today, we’re back with another iPod character playlist, this one for Keilos Dawnstar.  I’d have had this one up sooner…but Kei has grown and changed so that he kept changing his playlist.  So here’s what we have – at least for now.

“Dancing Through Life” from Wicked. ( )  This is Keilos as he first entered play – a drunken, self-centered womanizing brat with more than a few problems.  He nearly got himself kicked out of the Blood Knights on multiple occasions.  the final one is what brought him into the Prophecy of Light.  He’s grown up a lot since then…he still has a few problems, but then, so do we all.  The last lines of the song – “And the strange thing’s your life can end up changing while you’re dancing through…” are particulary appropriate for him.

“Son of Man” from Tarzan. ( )  Though Kei’s an elf, not a human…eh, details.  He’s grown up so quickly under Dorri and Keltyr’s tutelage and gained such a drive to prove himself, to better himself, to succeed, that this song stuck in my mind as describing him and the changes he’s undergone.

“Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” by Queen.  ( )  Another tip of the hat to Kei’s womanizing past.  The fact that he’s slept around a great deal in his wastrel days has definitely come back several times to bite him firmly in the ass.  Good thing he’s outgrown that stuff, isn’t it?

“The Blue Sea and The White Horse” from Into The West. ( )  Kei’s mother, as you may remember, died giving birth to him, so he never knew her.  This song reminds me of how he sometimes thinks of her and wishes that wasn’t so.  The words of the vocalist also put me very much in mind of what Aissa Dawnstar might have sounded like, singing a lullabye to her sons.

“As Long As You’re Mine” from Wicked. ( )  During his time in the PoL, Keilos met and fell in love with a fellow Blood Knight by the name of Ysani Cloudbreaker.  This was a very good thing for the both of them – and has had a very strong influence on the both of them as well.  These two would break the world for each other, if it’s what they had to do.

“Main Title” from Ladyhawke. ( )  Another nod to Kei and Ysani.  I’m not exactly sure why he likes this one so much, unless it’s the way the two music styles weave together…not unlike he and Ysani do when they fight.

“Children of the Revolution” from Moulin Rouge! ( ) This one is the Prophecy of Light, not just any single knight (or warlock >.> ) therein.  They’re young, they’re smart, they’re sexy…and they’re all incredibly dangerous, because they’re having to find their own way in a world that was turned upside-down for their people by the destruction of the Sunwell.

“A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste” from Whistle Down the Wind. ( )  Keilos, being young, impatient, Sin’dorei, and male, can occasionally be a little impulsive…

“You Can Be As Loud as the Hell You Want” from Avenue Q. ( )  This song probably needs a bit of explanation.  The Order’s secretary, Fabrio, complained about being kept up by – a bit of a racket – shortly after Kei and Ysani started sharing a bed for purposes other than sleep.  They were both deeply embarrassed, despite the fact that Dorri and Kel are probably at least as loud, if not noisier.  So Kei went to his engineer brother and acquired a “white noise” generator for Fabrio so that everyone could do as they pleased and not wake the secretary.  So blame this one on Fabrio.

“I’m a Believer” by Smash Mouth. ( )  Funny thing about damaged people finally getting in a stable relationship…they tend to be so very grateful for it.  I tried to talk Keilos into the original Monkees version of this song, but he wasn’t having it.

There are a few other songs on his playlist…but I can’t find Interwebs files for them.  So we’ll have to go with this for now.  As always, if you have suggestions for music you think would be appropriate, do let me know.




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