Music Thoughts

21 08 2009

There come times in your life when a particular piece of music and a particular situation meet up and stick with you forever.  I was reminded of one of those this afternoon on the way home from work by my iPod on “shuffle.”

The music – the theme to Jurassic Park.

I was about sixteen or so when I saw this movie.  That summer, my mother would hand me the car keys and a $20 bill, and send me and my little brother out the door for the afternoon.  We could get lunch, tickets to a matinee movie, and a snack for that twenty.  And Rhett and I saw Jurassic Park together.  It was one of the first, if not the first, to feature the new DTS digital sound.  It was also among the first to make amazing advances in special effects.  So this music, combined with the moment when Dr. Grant first sees the apatosaurs…whoa.  The music swells, and the dinosaur comes back down from rearing up with a thunderous “boom” that you felt in your chest.  And the look on Sam Neill’s face in the film was the same look you were wearing – a look of sheer wonder at what you were seeing.

I remember that big reveal every time I hear this piece of music, and it makes me think of that wonder.

So how about you guys?  Any pieces of music have special connections for you?




One response

27 08 2009

WordPress ate my comment. ><

Shortened version: I like this blog. I do similar things with my own toons. Even though I'm Alliance. 😉

Anyway. Cheers.

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