Playlists, part 2 – Dandill

31 07 2009

Back again with another playlist.  This one belongs to Dandill Boughstrider, the Blood-Knight-turned-Death-Knight.  He’s a strange one to have had to find music for, and his playlist feels especially sparse.  So as before, any song suggestions are more than welcomed.  I’ll attempt to find YouTube links for his songs, but if I should happen to not be able to, get thee to the music store.  🙂

“Cold” by The Everly Brothers ( ) This song was written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber for his musical “Whistle Down the Wind.”  I think you can figure out once you listen to it why it’s so terribly apropos for a DK.

“Try to Remember” from The Fantasticks ( ) Dandill, like many Death Knights, has several blank patches in his memory where death and resurrection have taken what was supposed to be there.  Dandy, in particular, has been very proactive about attempting to recover his lost memories.  Hence the marvelous Jerry Orbach’s song.

“Legal Assassin” from Repo! The Genetic Opera ( ) “Monster, butcher, assassin, murderer…” This song touches on the mental divide Dandy has between the mild-mannered Holy paladin that he was and the violent death knight he is.  The whispers at the beginning of the song are something that Dandill himself has dealt with in the past, and may deal with yet again as he attempts to integrate the two disparate halves of his personality.

“Flight to Neverland” from Hook ( ) Dandill has earned the company of a red drake by the name of Kashet.  As time has passed their relationship has become something rather more than a simple friendship.  One of their favorite activities is flying.  I’ve always loved the sense of freedom that this piece of John Williams’ projects.  When I hear it, I can easily imagine Dandy and Kashet dive-bombing a vrykul or two in the Howling Fjord just for fun.

“Where I Want To Be” from Chess ( ) Dandy’s got a lot of worries for a dead guy.  He’s the de facto leader of The Ebon Vanguard, so he has to worry about how to best look after the death knights under his command.  Then he has to worry about the possibility that he could fall a second time to the Lich King.  This song shows the fact that there’s times he feels just a little bit trapped.

“Let the Monster Rise” from Repo! The Genetic Opera ( )  Back when he was a Blood Knight, Dandill was Dorri’tow’s teacher.  Thusly, he still feels protective about his now-grown pupil.  This song speaks to the fact that he feels that, in a recent situation, he’d failed his “daughter” – and the only way to make the one who hurt her pay was to let the death knight go to work.

“Non Nobis, Domine” from Henry V ( ) “Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to you be given the glory.”  Dandill was once a paladin – hell, in many ways, he still is one.  He hasn’t had his Crowning Moment of Awesome yet, but if he ever does, my money’s on this type of music playing in the background in his head and mine.  This piece is also one of the most striking pieces of cinema that Kenneth Branagh has produced.  And yes, that is a very young Christian Bale that Prince Hal is toting around in this sequence.

“Lament of the Highborne” ( ) I’m not sure why Dandy, of all my belves, merited this one.  I think perhaps it’s that he, like Sylvanas, lost so very much to the Scourge.  He just might be in a slightly better position than she is to get some of it back.

“Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult ( ) I think this one’s more the bloody-minded DK in the back of Dandy’s head than anything else.  Can’t say I disagree with it being here, though.

“I Have a Song to Sing, O” ( ) I believe this song is from The Yeomen of the Guard.  This is the sort of music that Dandy sings when he’s in a mood to do so, which isn’t often.  Get him drunk enough, though…

“Half a Moment” ( ) Back when I was just getting started playing Dandy in Northrend, he encountered Dorri Firebloom, who triggered his desire to recover his lost memories.  Quite a few of the ones he got back had to do with her, and he has remained quite fond of her.  Hence thinking of half a moment with her.

“Being Alive” from Company ( ) One of the earliest questions Dandy asked Dorri was “Am I alive, or am I not?”  She decided he was, but it took Dandy a while longer to nail down exactly what being “alive” means.

“Hymn to the Fallen” from Saving Private Ryan ( ) I have often wondered why Dandy picked this one.  I finally realized it’s a reference to the fact that he and Drusi were more than likely not alone when they fought and died…they were probably part of a larger force.  And whether Dru does or not, Dandy remembers his fallen comrades.

“Forged in Blood” ( ) Whether or not Knight-Captain Boughstrider would like to admit it, he’s a product of Acherus, just like every other Death Knight that Arthas ditched at Light’s Hope.  A weapon forged in blood indeed…




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