Playlists – Destril

24 07 2009

Righto. This is the first of the ‘Playlists’ series. As before, we’ll be starting with good old Father Destril, the “redneck blood elf,” as some of my guildies lovingly refer to him

If at all possible, I’ll give you a YouTube link to each song. For some, those links just aren’t available, so you may have to go digging at the local record store if you’re curious. Now…on to the songs and links!

“Even a Miracle Needs a Hand”( ) Ah yes, the heyday of good old Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. I grew up on this one, and the song stuck with me. When Des came into being, a lot of this philosophy made it through into his character. The voice of the father in this clip was provided by Joel Grey.

“Run, Wolf Warrior” ( ) Thanks to not turning in a certain quest in the Howling Fjord and getting a certain offhand item crafted, Father Des has more than a bit of the wolf about him, sometimes even physically. The line in this song – “In your eyes there are cold fires burning, tongues of flame that can never be tamed” – also puts me very much in mind of the green eyes of the Sin’dorei.

“Full of Grace” ( ) This one was suggested by the player of Then’liath, Destril’s wife. Yes, things are great between them right now – but they’ve had their share of problems, especially shortly after they went to Northrend. It’s a beautiful song, and I felt it deserved a permanent place on the playlist, even if they’ve worked out the issues connected with it.

“You Took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth” ( ) A certain part of the reason for this being on the list is the spoken bit at the beginning of the song. It reminded me of Des and Then in an amorous and playful mood.

“With You” ( ) In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Destril Redwing is a man very much in love with his wife. This song gives you an idea of how much in love he really is.

“Something Wonderful” ( ) Not so much a song from Des as much as it is about him. I mentioned once that I could easily see Then’liath using this song to explain to her sister, Dorri’tow why she married Destril. Then/Dorri’s player was very much in agreement.

“Thank God I’m a Country Boy” ( ) Remember when I said that my guildies refer to Des as the redneck blood elf? This is why. Destril is by no means the average noble/quasi-noble Sin’dorei. He’s a farmboy that discovered he had a vocation and went off to seminary. So this song is very much him.

“When the River Meets the Sea” ( ) Destril, for some reason, seems to attach himself to the lullaby-like songs on my iPod, and this one was no exception. It’s also a very appropriate song for a Priest in Azeroth, in my humble opinion.

“Violets and Silverbells” ( ) This is a song from the Broadway musical “Shenandoah.” For some reason, when I think of the RP event we had that was Des and Then’s wedding, I think of this song. For a better recording, try to find the Broadway soundtrack…it’s a really pretty moment in the show.

“Day is Done” ( ) This is another one that a) I grew up with, as my parents let me listen to their “Peter, Paul, and Mommy” album and b) Des gravitated to, both as a young man wanting to start a family and a priest in a war-torn world.

“Totems of the Grizzlemaw” ( ) Hands down, this is my favorite zone music in all of World of Warcraft. As it happens, the Grizzly Hills is Destril’s favorite zone. So he gets this lovely theme all to himself on my playlist.

“There’s Me” ( ) Destril and his sister-in-law, Dorri’tow Firebloom, have one of the odder friendships I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t know how, exactly, but it works. So this is a quiet reminder for Dorri that Des is, indeed there when she needs him.

“Suo-Gan” ( ) Another lullabye. This one happens to be in Welsh, in case you were wondering. If the song sounds familiar, as the singer notes, Spielberg used it in “Empire of the Sun.” I think when he and Then have children, Des will likely be the one putting them back to sleep when they wake in the night, with the number of these songs he likes.

“Bad Moon Rising” ( ) This particular song has sort of a double meaning for Des. There’s the meaning in reference to the ancient connection between wolves and the moon, first. Then, it also reminds him of recent events in which he helped Dorri and her lover, Keltyr, get some well-deserved revenge on some really bad guys…”one eye is taken for an eye.”

“Up Around the Bend” ( ) This one…I can’t exactly explain. All I know is that Des really likes it. Maybe it’s the upbeat tempo and message. Who can tell with that crazy belf?

“We Shall Be Free” ( ) As a blood elf and a relative newcomer to the Horde, Des has had to put up with a certain amount of prejudice from the other Horde races. He’s been able to overcome some of it, but some is still there, as well. More than anything, this song speaks to his philosophy. Yes, I know…it’s Garth Brooks. Sue me.

“The Blood of Cu Chulainn” ( ) Another one I can’t exactly explain, save that perhaps it reflects Des’ determination and courage in the face of adversity. This song originally appeared in the film “The Boondock Saints” under the opening credits, so there may be a little of that in there as well.

Now for those of you who know Des, let me add that I’m always open to song suggestions and finding new music.  So if there’s one you think I’ve missed – throw it on out there!  I like to see what music makes other people think of my characters.




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