Meet the Residents, Part 3

23 07 2009

Annd now back to the WoW-blogness.  For those who were here for the last post, Norman is home and doing fine.  He’s regained the weight he lost, is eating like a champ, and is back to his old self.  So yay!

Now.  For today’s Meet the Residents, allow me to introduce you to Keilos Dawnstar.

As you probably can tell, the boy’s gotten a haircut since he had his picture taken for the blog banner.  Keilos, I must admit, started his WoW life as a throwaway kind of character that I intended just to kind of dink around on to see what playing a paladin was like.  Before I knew it, he’d developed a backstory and a personality and had, not unlike kudzu, grown up and took over.  Kei’s got one of the sadder backstories I’ve come up with, and it’s made playing him as a character sort of an interesting challenge.  As he’s grown and developed, he’s become one of my favorite characters, even if he is in a bit of a rough spot storyline-wise right now. He’s had a Friday Five ficlet that gave a glimpse into his past, but didn’t tell the whole story.  His mother died in childbirth, and his father, unable to deal with the grief and guilt he felt at the loss of his wife, rejected his son, who he blames for causing her death.  Therefore, Kei grew up more than a little emotionally imbalanced.  Dorri still wants to deck his father for Kei’s childhood, and at some point, Kei may actually let her.

If there’s one thing his current plot has taught me, it’s that Playing Insanity Is Not Easy.  I’m sure it’s by far simpler if you’re on stage playing Ophelia in Hamlet or something like – Shakespeare already did all the work for you as far as what the character’s supposed to say.  It’s much harder in an improvisational art form like WoW roleplay because I have to remember how I’ve determined his problems will manifest, keep an eye on him not saying too much because there’s a secret he’s trying to keep, and allow him to say enough to drop clues that something’s Not Right with him.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge…but I’ll be glad when the plot’s done so he can work his way back to the saner Keilos everyone knows and loves.

Keilos is also the character with all the Ozian references…don’t ask me why him, I don’t really know.  He has a pet cat named Elphi and a bronze drake that goes by the moniker of Tiktok.  I’ll have to see if any other ones work their way in there.

Next up…iPod playlists.  A look at the music that inspires or is inspired by the characters that call this blog their home.




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