Oddly Relieved…

26 06 2009

Okay.  For the first time, this blog is going to step away from the World of Warcraft for a second.

Meet my cat, Norman.

Norman hasn’t been well the last few days, so I took him to the vet yesterday, terrified that I was dropping him off and would never be bringing him home again.  Today, they called me to tell me that my buddy, my boy, my WoW-watching kitty – is diabetic.

My reaction?  Relief.  “Oh, is that all.”  You see, I have diabetes, too.  I was diagnosed with Type 1 (aka “juvenile” diabetes) shortly before my 8th birthday.  Norman has saved me from night-time lows a time or two in the past by waking me up enough to realize that I needed to check my sugar and get some juice.  Now it’s my turn to do for him.

I was afraid I was looking at kidney failure, FeLV, FIP, cancer – something truly horrible.  Diabetes?  Scary – but in this household, we’ve been making that disease our bitch for years now.

This, we can handle.




4 responses

27 06 2009

Aww. He’s a sweet-looking little cat. (Yes. I know. My primary cat weighs 28 pounds; *everything* else is little to me.) So glad for your sake that this is just difficult and not catastrophic.

29 06 2009

It is good that Norman is home

29 06 2009

Oh, he’s not home quite yet. He’s still at the vet’s for a couple more days. But I’m not going to lose him forever as I feared.

29 06 2009

He looks like my Buster!! ❤
I know how you must have been feeling. I lost my dog of 9 years to cancer. It was almost 5 years ago now, and i -still- miss him.

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