Ulduar and Starlight Express

19 06 2009

I’ve noticed a certain similarity in design between some of the Ulduar non-tier gear and the costumes from “Starlight Express”…to the point that we had the Noxilite out-of-character channel nearly in tears last night discussing it.

To show you what I mean, here is the evidence I have.

As you see on the male actor, the shoulders and boots like quite a bit like Ulduar gear.  Just check out http://panzercow.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/vanity-for-once-thy-name-is-linedan/ .  Don’t our lovely Panzercow’s shoulders look quite a bit like, well…cowcatchers?  No pun intended of course, Lin…please don’t Shield Slam me.
And for those who were WTF-ing about us saying Dorritow had the hair to play one of the dining cars…doesn’t this shot just somehow remind you of Dorri and Keltyr?

For the record, the dining car’s name is, indeed, Dinah.  The diesel engine there?  His name’s Greaseball.  And Pill and Fy are going to kill me for this…/snicker




5 responses

19 06 2009

The sheer perfection of this analogy scares the hell out of me, Des.

22 06 2009
Itanya Blade

Dorri has better hair

22 06 2009
Itanya Blade

Also, the clothes cover too much.

22 06 2009

The Blood Knight doth protest too much, methinks. ;p

22 06 2009
Itanya Blade

BAH! Do so have better hair. Like Dorri would be caught dead with that hair do.

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