Meet the Residents – Part 2

29 05 2009

Yes…it lives!  And there is a plan in place now.  Once you’ve met the main three residents…you’ll get a peek into their playlists from my iPod.  This is coming after the introductions so I will a)actually get them out of the way and b) have time to find YouTube links for some of the weird songs I have on those lists.  But for today, we’ll be meeting the death knight up there, Knight-Captain Dandill Boughstrider of The Ebon Vanguard.

((Yes, I know that’s the starter gear from Acherus.  Yes, I still have it.  Why?  Because it looks that damned awesome.))

Dandill here used to be a Blood Knight – an instructor at that, a teacher of healing.  Then, due to his good nature, he got paired up with a crazy female Forsaken warrior and sent off to battle evil.  Then, as the saying goes…Scourge happened, and all his Holy talents couldn’t keep the two of them alive.  They were both raised as death knights, and still are friends in whatever strange kind of undeath they currently exist in.

Dandill – “Dandy” for short – has been best described as a cross between the Tenth Doctor from “Doctor Who” and Rupert Giles/Ripper from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He’s a gentle soul who can turn just about anything into a lecture – which drives his former pupil Dorri’tow crazy sometimes.  Endanger something he protects and/or cares about, though,  and there will be violence.  There is very much a death knight under that cultured, genteel exterior.

Dandy has a strong alliance with the Wyrmrest Accord, and can most often be found in the company of Kashet, the red drake.  She’s young, spunky, and very attached to him, so she often shows up in her elven form in places that dragons aren’t technically supposed to be.

Dandill’s a fun character to play.  He’s been one of the first to have long-term fears that have affected his interactions with other players and characters, as well as being a refreshing change from Destril.  Des has his prickly moments – has a lot of them, in point of fact.  Dandy, on the other hand, can get along with just about anybody, it would seem.  He can simply accept the insults other races throw at him because he’s at least nominally Sin’dorei because he’s heard much worse words thrown at him because he’s a death knight.

Anyway…that’s Dandy.  Next up is Keilos Dawnstar, aka “the Brat.”




2 responses

5 06 2009
Itanya Blade

For all that Dorri complains about his lectures, she still turns to him for advice.

He has to be doing something right.

6 06 2009

Heh. That’s true enough…for all that it seems like she doesn’t always like what he has to say, she does ask and she does listen.

Well…sometimes she listens, anyway. ;p

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