Writer’s Block – bah.

29 03 2009

I hate writer’s block.  I hate it with a passion.  Especially, as the case has been recently, when I have two other people waiting for me to write something so they can approve it, it can be posted, and we can move on to the fine art of revenge best being served cold and by blood knights, death knights, and very angry priests.

I finally was able to break through the block this morning, thankfully.  And in so doing, I learned something.  The block I’d been having was dealing with a fight scene.  It was a scene I was trying to keep as fair as possible to both characters, so that said confrontation could end as a draw.  I was trying to block the fight out in my head as though I were staging it, so that I could get the scene written and move on.

And Destril was refusing to cooperate.

He just didn’t wanna do it, and kept telling me so.  “I don’t think we need to do this – can’t we just move on to the part where the DK shows up?”  But I kept trying to get the scene blocked, and it was going precisely nowhere.  This morning, I finally listened to the priest.  I tried writing the scene from the PoV of another character, and didn’t really give a lot of detail about what was actually going on in the brawl.  And finally, Des was satisfied, started co-operating, and let me get the scene finished.

I learned that if I have a character who’s just being that damn stubborn, I probably should listen to what he has to say, because he may have a better suggestion for structure and pacing than what I had originally planned.  Lesson learned…good to know.

Now…on to the vengeance bits.




2 responses

30 03 2009
Itanya Blade

Always write what you can. You can fill in the rest or not.

Sometimes there will be a touchstone point that will be easy to fill in the blanks, like my post this morning, the beginning of which has been in my head ever since you and I talked about how your post would end. (You had the ending long before you had the fight)

Even if you “don’t feel” the part you think you should write, write what you can. Sometimes, what you feel is obviouys,m sin’t.

31 03 2009

I hate writer’s block too. Spent almost a week on one story, just because I couldn’t figure out how one character would react to another. Finally got it finished, but now my storyline is way behind the toon I’m writing about. >.<

I’m hoping the rest of the story will go smoothly, then I can get back to playing with him seriously.

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