Meet the Residents – Destril

26 02 2009

Well, it’s about time I got around to this.  The first good look at the residents of the blog.  First up, is Father Destril Redwing.


Destril here, as it’s probably obvious, is a blood elf priest.  A shadow priest, to be exact, which means that most of the time, he’s more concerned with melting minds than saving lives.  That being said, he’s also a terribly sweet-tempered individual…even though that aspect of him got rather lost during a bad stretch over the past few months.  Now that he’s a married man, let’s hope we continue to see more of that side of him.

Des has gotten something of a reputation for keeping his word.  There’s one promise he’s broken accidentally…and that incident made for some interesting drama with his now-sister-in-law…and one he tends to break more or less deliberately – his promise to try to put his own health first when helping people.  Destril doesn’t do things halfway, so when he commits himself to a purpose, he goes all-out, which means there’s a very good chance he’s going to wind up rather wrecked in the helping or the accomplishing of the purpose.

Des also collects animals – non-combat pets and mounts.  When he was a kid, he wanted to be a Farstrider up until he discovered his vocation, so the zoo he surrounds himself with is the only expression of that thwarted desire he has.  And for the record, the scaly one with the green eyes in the photo is Temeraire, who’s probably one of the few creatures in the household to really know all that’s going on.

Lots of the Sin’dorei I know seem to have a British accent of some flavor or other – but not Des.  His voice, to me, is straight accent-less American.  He’s such a non-conformist.  Of my blood elves, Des also seems to be one of the ones with a wicked sense of humor.  Dandy’s got one too, but it seems to be more gallows humor and wordplay than Destril’s whimsy and deep appreciation of silliness.

Des came from a large family, having 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  He was the middle child but the oldest son.  All his siblings are dead now, save the youngest, his brother Severilias.  Sev’s a warlock, of all things – he didn’t have the focus to be a mage.  Des is as supportive as he can be…he just wishes Sev wouldn’t send his imp with messages at 3 in the morning.  He cares very deeply for Sev, though – he raised him, and he’s the only blood family he’s got left.

That’s Des in a nutshell.  Who knows which of the others we’ll see a post on next?




3 responses

26 02 2009
Itanya Blade

He’s a hick, just admit it. 😛

26 02 2009

That, too.

I prefer to think of him as a redneck with class, though. 😀

27 02 2009

“Hey Hon, watch this!”


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