Meet the Residents

26 01 2009

As you can see, there’s a spiffy new image on the front page.  Those three dashing young gentlemen up there are the shadow priest and the death knight referenced in my blog’s title, as well as one other you’re going to hear a lot about.  If you can’t figure out which is which, I feel sorry for ya.

On the left is Father Destril Redwing. “Des,” as his friends and intimates call him, was my first serious Horde character, and came about entirely by accident.  I swore up and down that I would never seriously level a priest because at the time, all they were allowed to do was heal – and I wanted to kill stuff.  Then Burning Crusade hit, and with it came the rise of the shadow priest.  For a lark, I rolled one on a different server and found that I quite liked melting face.  So as soon as I had the character slot open on Feathermoon, I recreated Destril on my home server.  One day, I saw a post on the forums indicating that a rather well-known PC had gone missing, and decided to get the level 20-something at the time Destril involved in the RPs.  This decision eventually got me to fall in with Noxilite, and the rest is history.

Now, in the middle?  That’s Dandill Boughstrider.  (As a side note, I’ve discovered that that’s pronounced “BOW-strider.”  Don’t ask me why, he’s a quirky enough character that I’m not going to argue with it.)  Dandill – “Dandy” to people from whom he’s willing to tolerate it – is my tank character.  With the recent buffs to the Blood tree and tanking using it in the 3.0.8 patch, I’m a whole lot happier with how he’s doing these days.  I hadn’t intended his personality to turn out quite the way it did…but I really do like him.  He’s certainly not your average death knight.

As for the kid on the right…that’s Keilos.  Master Blood Knight Keilos Dawnstar, if you’re being absolutely priss-proper about it, which, I assure you, he won’t be.  Kei there has the nickname of “The Brat.”  Namely because he is, but also because for my characters, he is so very painfully young – and it shows.  Kei’s the last one we’ll get to so far as introductions go, because I’m fairly certain that his path is going to change going from level 72 to level 80.

There’s a couple of other characters you’ll also meet here, but I’ll save their general introductions for another post.  Next here will be a more formal RP look at the boys at the top of the page.




7 responses

26 01 2009
Itanya Blade

I can has moar?


26 01 2009

Zee oh em gee, it’s a Des-blog.

2 02 2009
Itanya Blade

DUDE! Where are my character pages?


2 02 2009


Where’s my arpees? ;p

Seriously…working on it. Des is being reticent on the writing front again, apparently.

2 02 2009
Itanya Blade

As soon as I get home after doing quarterly taxes you’ll get your damn RPs.

in short: Q4 Taxes > You!

3 02 2009
Itanya Blade

BAH! Were is RPs? Where is posts?

I have been lied to!


4 02 2009
Itanya Blade

Also… You has forum RPS!

And yes, I’m bored

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